June 2, 2014

IBV Capital Global Value Fund Launch

Today, Toronto-based investment management firm, IBV Capital Ltd. has announced the launch of its inaugural fund, the IBV Capital Global Value Fund LP (the “Fund”), which is available to Canadian Accredited Investors.

The Fund aims to produce consistent and attractive long-term rates of return while preserving its investors’ capital throughout all market environments. It takes an absolute value investment approach that primarily focuses on opportunities in developed markets. It pursues its investment objective by investing on the long and occasionally short sides in equity, fixed income, and their related securities.

The Fund is managed by Talbot Babineau who has nearly a decade of experience in equity, fixed income and commercial real estate investing. He describes his strategy as being “contrary to conventional investing wisdom, as we believe that investing only in securities with a market value significantly below their intrinsic value thereby offering a theoretical margin of safety, it is possible to enjoy attractive rates of return without the commensurate risk”.

About IBV Capital Ltd
In 2012, IBV Capital emerged from a well-established multi-family office to become an independent boutique investment management firm. IBV Capital was formed exclusively to provide select investors with the ability to participate in the absolute value investment philosophy adopted by the family office. The IBV Capital Global Value Fund now allows for Canadian accredited investors to participate with the family office in this investment strategy.

IBV Capital’s beginnings as a family office has provided it with a unique perspective that has fundamentally shaped its culture and investment strategy. It has given the firm an appreciation for the tremendous effort it takes to generate wealth and in turn, a profound understanding into why protecting that wealth becomes so important.

For more information contact:
Talbot Babineau, CFA
President & Chief Investment Officer
IBV Capital Ltd.
416.603.4282 ext 221